Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a great weekend - the sun is shining - there is no snow in sight - and we get to celebrate our faith!

Yesterday, I hauled bales all day with John and Cody. Back and forth - 8 bales at a time - over 100 in all! Cael, Emma, Jaima and Jaiden were with us most of the time - Jenni came and picked them up after 3- then we worked until 5:30. We were so tired and sore that John and Cody came home and did chores - I baked a few pizzas and then we went right to bed. We had wanted to go to church, but even the baby fell asleep early!

Today, we will dye Easter eggs! I also have to bake muffins for the Sonrise breakfast tomorrow at Trinity. The youth and I will have a service at 7:30am - then a breakfast. Then, I will come home and get John and the girls and we will go to church and come home to dinner. Gerben, Julie and Ian will be here. Julie and I met on Easter Sunday a few years ago - we always laugh because SHE was so European - haha

Jaiden is acting like she wants to go potty - she takes her diaper off when it's wet - and says, "tee tee" - she sits on the potty chair and thinks she is so BIG! This morning, I was looking at her hands and I cried because she doesn't have baby hands anymore - she is growing too fast.

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