Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still sick!

Jaima Lulu is home sick again today! She has a low grade fever and a cough - but is better than she was yesterday!
So, I made some biscuits for breakfast and we are coloring in our color books! John had physical therapy for his knee today - and then is working for a few hours at the landfill.
The roof is on the new cattle building! I haven't gone out yet because I have been taking care of Jaima - but I will go out and take pictures soon. I can't see the tenHoeve farm anymore though, and I don't like that - I always liked looking out my kitchen window and seeing their buildings - I guess I will have to take a picture and tape it to the window!
Jaiden is "talking" to me right now - she still doesn't say "mama" - if I ask her to say it she says, "Dada" - John thinks it's so funny. She knows how to point her finger at us and shake her head "no" - we can't help but laugh.
Since Julie and Danielle wrote about our church, I will a little, too. We have been going to the Vineyard in Waverly since last June. The kids and I went first and really fell in love with the church community there. Cody is especially fond of Pastor Bill. We enjoy his teachings and having "real" sermons again - preached from the Word. Jaima loves Sunday School. John and I attended a movie, "Fireproof", for Valentines Day. I lead a Bible study here at the farm every other Friday. Even though I am still leading Youth Group at Trinity and teaching HS Sunday School, we have begun to feel like the Vineyard is home. This Spring, we have decided to join, and will probably give up our teaching and mentoring at Trinity. That way, our kids will not be confused, and we can focus on activities and worship in one place.
Calving season has begun. This is my favorite time of year. I love watching new calves being born! Some of the best times of my marriage have been spent in the barn with John, the two of us helping a mama have her baby and catching that new life in my arms - it's exhilirating and it takes my breath away!

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Gerben en Julie said...

Hey Carolyn. I am so glad you like it in Church...I am glad you came that first time...I knew you would like it!...and I love having you there!!