Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy week...

This week has flown by...Jaiden and I hauled manure with John one day. The bumpiest tractor ride I have ever been on. We had youth group, Emma's birthday, house cleaning, haircuts - wait til you see Jaima's new do! Cody and Cael cleaned the garage today. What else? Cody is babysitting Cael and Emma tonight. Jaima wanted to go, too but Cody said, "No way!"
John and Cody helped at church Tuesday, and John and I helped Thursday evening - we are building new classrooms and a nursery in the recently purchased bldg. next to the church. We had a good time!

The weather was beautiful today - although we could have used another day of freezing temps to get the manure hauled. I am sure it will freeze again - when I don't want it to! Cody and John moved cows around today and sorted out the ones that are close to calving.

That's all I know - thanks for all of the prayers - they are much appreciated - our God is an awesome God!

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