Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 9, 2009

So, Spring is NOT here

Got out of church yesterday to SNOW! Lots of it - I had John's truck - 4WD - and still took the back way home because traffic on the highway was hardly moving because it was so slippery. It still has not melted - our farmyard is a muddy, snowy mess.

John and Cody are outside right now dealing with a water main break. So, no big chores for me inside right now. We will have tacos and chimichangas when the guys get inside. Nice and spicy to warm them up!

I cleaned Jaima's room today and got rid of a lot of stuff. I have a lot of clothes to pass on down to Emma - then Jenni will give me Emma's clothes for Jaiden - it works out great. I am pleased to say I have only been to Walmart twice this year! I haven't been to Trinkets and Togs - only to Fareway, Meyer Pharmacy and the Dollar Store. I may figure out living less yet!

Jaiden tried to walk DOWN some steps yesterday at church. She was so brave - a little daredevil. She sure can run fast now - I spend a lot of time chasing and saying "no!". Her newest thing is begging for ice. SHe gets a cup from her drawer. Finds whoever will pay attention to her. Says, "ICE!" over and over until that someone will get her a little bit of crushed ice in her cup. She then sits on the floor and proceeds to daintily crunch her ice.

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