Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, February 27, 2009


We have been battling the stomach flu here this week. Jaima missed three days of school. Cody is home today. I was sick from Sunday evening to yesterday. Our niece, Emma, is here today. She visited on Wednesday and caught the ickies - her mommy had school today - so she is here for the day. I have bleached, lysoled, sprayed everything in sight - am running the air purifiers full blast - and have opened a few windows.
The week before, John and I battled sinus infections and colds. He is sick again because he caught the flu right after he finished his antibiotics for his sinuses and his body never had a chance to recuperate. He makes a terrible patient - but I love him anyways!

I need to go buy diapers - but will wait for John to wake from his nap - I will leave him with the three sick kids - haha

I have to catch up on all my blog reading - next week is Jaima's 7th birthday! I will post pictures soon - I also see that Jaiden was messing with my keyboard - a few of the keys aren't working!

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