Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jaiden this morning. We went to Jaima's school for worship. Jaima had a couple of parts. It was fun!
These are the kids in my youth group! Cody is back row, fourth from the left. Jaclyn, his girlfriend is next to him.

JaidenIlo watching all the happenings outside - she loves to stand in the hallway windows. I, however, don't like to clean them - so there are plenty of nose and lip prints!

Jaiden and Khyle - she sat like this for quite awhile - she was a tired girl - and loves her "Tile Daniel".
Her vocab includes: DeeDee (it's what we all call Cody), kitty, Zeus, Dada, Sissy, "I did it!", moo and several other words that mean something but don't sound like anything! Still no "mama" - I am waiting for that day!

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