Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a fun weekend!

Kiki D, Jaiden (first piggyback ride!) and Jaima Lulu

Watching golf with Daddy!

Friday night Jeremy and his four kids came over - watched my favorite movie Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. The kids played guitar hero - Jeremy and I have been friends since high school - I was the skater wannabe and he was the real deal - HAHA

Saturday, Jaiden and I were at church all day for a leadership conference - Pastor Tony helped me with her during naptime - he held her and walked around with her for an hour while she slept - and I got to pay attention to the teaching!

Saturday night I had four kids from youth group here for a sleepover - had to get them all up and going on Sunday for church - plus Cody, Jaima and Jaiden - Guess what? We got to church early HAHA

Oh, and Saturday night was WSR prom - so had to go see Kiersten and Katie in their dresses - absolutely beautiful!

Jaima went to the rodeo in Waterloo Sunday - she loved it when they wrestled the steers to the ground - I can just see her doing that someday - and playing football - that girl loves to play catch!

Kiersten is staying with us for the week - she and Jaima are sharing a room - and she drove the kids to school today - which was a BIG deal for Jaima! We have all kinds of things planned for the week and Friday they have no school. So, we will take Cody to get his permit and then go out to dinner and do a little shopping. We are honored that a high school senior would choose to come and stay a week in our home - we must be doing something right!

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