Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 13, 2017

Country living and snow storms

"City folks just don't get it."

Fact One:  We got about eleven inches of snow in a twelve hour period.
Fact Two: We live on a hill out in the middle of nowhere.
Fact Three: Thee wind is blowing out of the north.

Therefore, WE ARE SNOWED IN!

Thee Farmer woke me up at midnight after he came in from checking cows - because we are calving! - and told me I wasn't going to work in the morning. School has been cancelled. He just spent over three hours just clearing out the back half of the farm so he can get to the three barns and take care of cows. It's drifting like crazy and we have open buildings. Poor newborn calves! So, we will spend the day all working together and the "town jobs" will be on standby.

Ya all should know by now that I am a planner. I like things to run smoothly and in an orderly fashion. But I also love love love days like today when the schedule is disrupted and life must be handled accordingly. 

The kids will get dressed and it's all hands on deck. Lunch will be leftovers. Supper will be a yummy bean and ham soup in the crock pot. 

Somehow laundry will still get done (4 loads by 4). We'll listen to some George Strait. dance in the kitchen. And keep making memories.

Lots of snowy love,
Thee Farm Wife

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