Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas anxiety

I woke up this morning with anxiety in my heart. It felt hopeless. 

And then. Wait. This girl knows Thee Word. 

"Do not be anxious about anything..." Philippians 4:6

I have been flying - OK, really crash landing - through life the past few weeks. Jumping from one thing to the next - without a plan or a parachute. No life-saving devices. My prayer room is gathering dust.

No wonder the anxiety kicked in. It's Christmas. Not "FREAKOUTANDLOSEFOCUSmas"

I need to get back to counting. Finding the gifts in life and giving thanks. Ann Voskamp calls it eucharisteo. Acknowledging that God has given us so much and taking time to thank Him, in all things, in all circumstances.

Take a deep breath. Make a list of the absolutely must-dos:

  • dishes
  • vacuum and mop
  • have the children put their things away in the living room
That's good enough. Now we can focus on the day and the peace and the hope that comes from Christ Jesus. After all, I am pretty sure Mary didn't sweep the stable before she gave birth. She solely focused on Thee One to come.

Merry Christmas, my friends! Much love to you. And peace, always, peace.

Thee Farm Wife

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