Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summery day

My parents are on their way up - they bought a new swing set for the kids - Dad wanted to buy them a pony but the Farmer wasn't too keen on that one. I really wanted a horse, too! Maybe someday. So, we will be assembling a new play set this afternoon.

We also got a new pool and a sand and water table. The girls are outside most of the day. Aiden goes out for about 30 minutes. He burns so easily, the pool is too cold and he is allergic to grass! Seriously. He gets a rash on his legs and feet. We are going to have to build that kids immunity up!

The weather is absolutely perfect. Nice breeze, lots of sun, little humidity and not too warm. The neighbors corn is already over my head. I have tomatoes turning red in my garden - this has never happened in June before. I never get ripe tomatoes until August! So I am really excited to taste one. Hopefully, sweet corn will be ready soon, too. Ours won't be ready til August, but I know Harrington's have got to be close!

The girls went to see the movie Brave with my friend Emily. She traded me her youngest daughter for my two girls for the day. Morgan is two and she and Aiden love to play together. Although he does try and kiss her a little too much!

John is out checking the hay he mowed yesterday to see how it is drying. Once it is baled I hope we get a couple more inches of rain! We really need it.

We had an electrician come and check the wiring today because we had a little fire under the kitchen sink. Apparently some mice ate the wiring. We will have all new outlets put in on the main floor and also have some lines fixed that haven't worked in ages. I am sure Cody will be glad not to have to use a drop cord to get electricity to his room. I will definitely be glad when it is all fixed. I am terrified of fire!

We took some cows and calves to pasture today. We also brought up two cow-calf pairs to the barn so the girls can start working on next year's show calves. Bonnie Blue Butler and Rhett. Which reminds me, it's time for my annual reading of Gone With the Wind...a glass of sweet tea and some shade is calling my name!

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