Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 19, 2012

Want to talk farming?

Since this is a blog about farming I was thinking this morning how I never talk about what goes on outside. Last night Piglet, one of my fav cows, went into labor. We were watching her with binoculars from the kitchen window, when John noticed the feet were coming out wrong. Breech. So We took Cody and Jaiden out with us and got her up in the barn. I got stuck knee deep in the manure. Sigh. Got the calf puller ready...which Cody is a pro at... And out she came Little Miss Piggy!

This morning I went out with AJ to feed my chickens and checked on her. Piglet had prolapsed-her uterus was totally out. Vet arrived within a half hour and got it all put back. Mama and baby are doing fine.

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