Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little quiet time...

Aiden woke up at 5:45...sigh. Like clockwork. It's his thing. Change my diaper. Smile. Then he plays with his tractors! Vrooom Vrooom, til all of a sudden he cries out "DADA!" and then he wants his Daddy and to go back to bed. He's going to be mad this morning though, we are out of bananas. Not only can he say "nana", but he can yell for nanas at the top of his lungs. The kid loves them.

First birthday on 1/20...this is his squishy face. I get out the camera and this is what he does!

I finally looked at all of the pictures I have been taking since Before Christmas...I am going to Walgreens to print them off and send them to grandparents - they are just too cute. Looking at them made me miss Cody. He is loving campus life. Was not able to make it home this weekend because of all of the snow. So, we postponed AJ's baby dedication and birthday party.

Add to that the fact that we are all sick! I have been on a hand washing crusade in this house - signs, verbal warnings ("You get back in there and wash those hands - NOW!"), pleading and lots of spraying with Lysol. But we lost the germ battle this weekend. I refuse to stay down for the count haha

We celebrated Daddy's birthday with a John Deere cake! (and a messy table, but that's called REAL LIFE!)

My Christmas Angel
When I loaded pics, it surprised me, I don't remember taking it


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