Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

Once again, I am remiss in my blogging. Do you want to know how my days are filled to overflowing? You already know that.

Aiden is settling in. Cody is at Iowa State sniff sniff. Jaima is growing up way too fast. Jaiden is as energetic as a calf that gets to run in the pasture for the first time (i.e. BUSY) and me, I am the consummate housewife and mama.

Where are the pictures? Wherever my camera is hiding. I spent the last week cleaning the house because we had our first adoption homestudy visit yesterday. Three hours of questions and inspecting.I won't complain because we are one step closer to finalizing the adoption. But dang, they ask the weirdest things...we are blessed because we already have the guardianship finalized and that makes it move a little faster.

The house is as clean as it is ever going to get...and it lasted exactly an do I teach my kids to PUT THINGS AWAY? I guess by showing them each time until it becomes a habit - so ingrained in them that it becomes second nature...which means more patience...sigh...

I promise there will be Christmas pics soon, unless they are magically on the last post I did? Probably not, soon...soon.

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