Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get your feet off of the table, silly girl! This isn't dance practice!

The calves, being let out to pasture for the first time, kicking up their heels!

Chloe, being cute!

Big Dummy, being dumb, getting caught sleeping in my chair AGAIN!

Apollo, looking sad, because he got caught on the couch AGAIN!

John and the tenHoeve boys at Roland's birthday party, I'm sure they were talking farming!

I love this picture of Liesbeth, I accidentally cut off Lisa, but I love this smile!
We had a great time last Friday at tenHoeve's.
I was out in my garden this morning and two goldfinches flew right in front of my face - it was beautiful!!!!I figured I had better pull weeds before we go on vacation! Then, i came inside and paid bills, which made me not want to go on vacation lol - it's all good. We head for Arkansas Friday morning. I went to Walmart today and got everything we might need for the long drive. John used to be a truck driver, so there's no stopping along the way. One of us girls usually ends up crying about how bad we have to go potty before he will stop hahaha. Dan-o will take care of the farm while we are away. We haven't left since our last trip to Arkansas So, I am excited. John and I will be staying at a bed&breakfast and the kiddos with Grammy and Papa.

John and Cody just pulled in the yard with the last load of hay for the day. It's 3:30, I think they started at 9am. Looong day, too bad I just ate the last piece of cheesecake lol

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