Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rain and the blustery day

Looks like I am going to have to give up my basement hide-away. Cody is moving back home next week - the apartment owner put their apt. up for rent...don't ask. Anyways, I've been hiding out down here with my big screen tv and old couch in the PEACE AND QUIET! Guess I will have to claim another space for me. While hiding I have been going through cupboards and boxes. The pile to take to the burn pile is huge. I had three sets of pans, enough furniture for a whole house and abandoned knick knacks galore. For those of you new to the story, John and I lived in the basement for the first 5 yrs of our marriage.(The Canadian guy on HGTV just said "Eh?" heehee but I digress.) There is a full house down here but it was a rough five yrs, mainly because of my attitude I admit. When we moved upstairs and got the house all to ourselves, we left a lot of STUFF down here. As our "kids" have gotten places of their own, I have been able to fully equip their kitchens with all of the stuff - Khyle's gf Hannah got a house this week and I sent a couple of boxes with her. I've made a lot of progress, so when Cody moves back in he will have his own house down here - but I'm definitely not cleaning it for him. When I first moved in, this place was quite the bachelor pad for John and Jim. And it looked the part.

Went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving today - whoa! - all's I have to say is they better enjoy their meal and eat every last bite - I think that it was the most I have ever spent on it - and I bought turkey breasts and not whole birds. I also bought a ham - I have double ovens which makes cooking a big dinner a breeze.

The weekend before T-day is Don and Austa's 50th wedding anniversary party. So, they will be coming back sometime this coming week so we can get ready to celebrate. We will have family pics taken that day - my fam is wearing hot pink, black and silver. Cody and John are wearing black with hot pink and black ties. The girls got new dresses and I treated myself to a spree at the new JoMarco boutique in Waverly. I walked in the front door and instantly felt like the shoppe had been built just for me! Bling bling everywhere! I certainly won't look like a farmer's wife at the party! If I could afford it, I would buy a whole new wardrobe - it was that awesome!

It is a true fall day today - rain, wind, chilly - the guys didn't get all of the chisel plowing done but I think they are satisfied with the progress they have made considering we weren't done with harvest at this time last year!

I am almost done Christmas shopping - mostly online this year - we are keeping it really simple and focusing more on the reason for the day, not the gifts. I can't wait to spend the day with the kids and just BE - does that make sense?

Will have to post some pictures when I get online upstairs. Jaiden's hair. Jaima's smile. Cody's goofy faces. These are a few of my favorite things.

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