Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillbilly Jammies!

We had to cut the feet off these pajamas because Jaiden kept sucking on them! She looks like a hillbilly in long johns!

Thursday is the last day of school! Yeah! I am so lonely for my children - does that make sense? I am just so excited about having them home all summer! We have so much planned. Cody starts drivers ed on Friday - that means having him to school by 6am everyday weekday in June! Any volunteers to drive him in? I figure it will be good for me. Maybe I can walk a few laps at the high school track? Not without my coffee first!

I almost forgot! John bought me a ring for our anniversary! Last Friday night we got food from Joe's and when I opened mine up there was a ring box - I love those white boxes from Tenenbaum's - it is a diamond anniversary band! I think I got it because he got a new skid loader! HAHA

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