Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, December 15, 2007

happy saturday

what a great day! lots of sun - even though i never went outside:) i baked bread (with my bread machine!) made my favorite frito pie - cream cheese, hormel chili and cheddar cheese!
i used to do lots of crafts and had a ton of stuff in the basement - paints, canvasses, clay, scrapbooking, etc - and never had any idea where i would put all of it when we moved upstairs and haven't touched it in two years - so, i cleaned up my laundry room - which has a counter, tons of storage cabinets and lots of space - that's what the pics are!

jaima spent all day trying on different outfits - and wearing my high heels!

jaiden was so good - a little sleepy today - but a happy, smiling baby nonetheless!

cody and john went to pick up some new calves today - and built new pens for the barn - john cut himself and i got to use my emt skills to bandage him up - haha

kiersten is here to hang out with me and the girls - we'll make homemade pizza, watch movies and stay up too late

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