Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

broken camera

my digital camera needs to be repaired-manufacturers defect boohoo will post new pics as soon as i can

jaima has been ill for a few days with a viral infection - daddy had to go pick her up from school on monday - poor thing

jaiden is such a good baby - likes to nurse alot from5pm-8pm so i don't get much done at night -

cleaned out my closet today - 4 huge lawn and garden bags full! am sending the clothes to my pastor's son's church - they have a clothes closet for the poor - am glad to get rid of my maternity clothes! i have way too much stuff - and am gradually cleaning out the house!

cody is ready for christmas vacation - he has been working so hard this semester!

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Gerben en Julie said...

hey...what happend to the capital letters..????
Is Jaima getting better already? hope you can get some rest!!!