Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Communicating with Jaiden a forgotten post

This is a forgotten post from 2010! But I think it's worth sharing a snapshot of our lives at that time...

In three weeks, Jaiden has gone from not being able to tell us anything to being able to sign almost 20 words! Jaiden and Daddy working on her sign language cards everyday. We have speech therapy this morning and I am looking forward to more suggestions to help her communicate. We are still not sure of why she is not talking. One website you can look at is This will give you an idea of what she is experiencing. She certainly has a high level of comprehension - for example if you name animals she can point to a picture of everyone of them - but she cannot say "cow" or "kitty", etc. She knows signs for: more, drink, milk, eat, please, cow, kitty, mouse, dog, cookie, pig, bubbles (her favorite!), bath, goodnight, light, etc. She can even put signs together like "more milk please" - she still can say "Chloe, Daddy, Mommy, no" that's about it for her speech. (Chloe is our dog.) John and I don't want you to worry - JaidenIlo is a gift from God. She will speak in her own way and in her own time. If you want to learn some signs, we are using ASL - American Sign Language. We bought a card set and book from and local libraries have them as well. I am not sure of a good website to use yet.

This morning we went to Jaima's school. The second graders were in charge of the worship service - it was so cute! Jaima had to buy a new outfit last night at the mall. Thank goodness Aeropostale has clearance racks - it's her favorite store!

Cody is being measured for his cap and gown today - graduation is right around the corner. We are trying to decide when to have his party - graduation is Memorial Day weekend. We also have Jaima's dance recital that week and our anniversary!

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