Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, July 4, 2016

Taking time for a moment of peace

I didn't know I hadn't been here with you since Memorial Day.

I have been putting pen to paper to write my thoughts.

A whole ninety nine days of summer survival tip for parents thing that could have drawn traffic and generated revenue...but I didn't want to. Instead, I use it on our radio show. If you really want to, you can find the ideas here.

Going to work at 4:30 am makes me miss the view from my writing window. The early ground fog rising from the river bottom. The sun peaking up over the hill. The neighbors cows lined up meandering the cattle path going to get a drink from the pond.

And the dew. The dew glistening.The mama birds chirping. Come, baby, it's time to spread your wings and fly.

I cling to the peace of this moment. Draw deep breaths of clean morning air. Stare at our beautiful old maple tree, that I know might just outlive me.

Will my children discover the peace of this place? Will they live lives so busy that they forget to stop and drink in the morning?

Would they see the three birds evenly spaced on the power line...perfectly spaced...and two fly away...leaving just the one...and miss the Father, Son and Holy Spirit...three in One...always here...waiting for these quiet moments for us to discover Them?

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