Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, October 22, 2011

And now we are six...

Well, there are a lot of questions about Ayden, and I will try and answer them here.

Ayden Michael is 9 months old. He joined our family on October 2. We are permanent legal guardians, and his birth parents have terminated their parental rights, which means we can adopt him after we have a "home study" done by a social worker. Of course, a judge also have to approve the adoption. So, although things are not finalized as of today, we believe that Ayden is here to stay.

His birth parents made a very brave decision in seeking help for their son. We ask that you continue to pray for them both.

 Ayden has some medical issues with his breathing. He requires nebulizer treatments up to 5 times per day. His nine month checkup yesterday showed remarkable improvement and his lungs were clear for the first time in months! He is also growing and becoming more active. Which means I have had to childproof the house all over again. He also loves to jump and stand up, and is very curious.

We have been asked a lot of questions, and upon doing some googling, I have found that they are typical questions asked of adoptive parents. I have also learned that people can be quite blunt in their questioning.

Yes, we "already have three children". Yes, we know that "some families have been waiting a long time to adopt a child". But Ayden is not a puppy, his birth parents asked us to raise him, asked us to give him a better life. We have lawyers and social workers and home health all involved in this process.

For those of you that really know us, you know our home has always been a welcoming place for kids to come! There is almost never a time when we haven't had someone visiting. From toddlers to teenagers, we love and clothe and feed whomever God brings to our door. So, us taking Ayden in was no surprise to you! We thank you for your prayers and gifts and support and love!

God knows what is best for Ayden.


ShannonK said...

Sometimes what people feel free to say (or think, for that matter) is amazing to me. I think you are wonderful, and brave, and I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am often flabbergasted at some people's idea of a fair question. For those whose brain lacks a 'stop, don't you dare ask that' switch, the best response seems to be:"Why on earth would you ask that?" That would be followed by a look of utter disbelief on your part as well.

You and John seem to be doing all the right things to protect all involved. All my love to your family, Aunt Kay