Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, May 31, 2010

Graduation and such

Well, we survived the graduation ceremony...barely. It was 95 degrees outside and even hotter in the high school gym! Oh, I was so proud of my son! And his friends and all of the great choices they have made! I was proud of the people who showed up to love on him! And, I don't have any pictures to show you because Shannon K. has not emailed them to me yet - HINT HINT!

Cody's party is this Saturday, so this week we will work on his picture displays, dust off his trophies, and I will dig out the Barney videos and Power Rangers stuff I saved all these years for this special day!

If I have learned anything about raising kids these past 18 years it is this: Really get to know your children. Never say, "What do you want now?" to them. Love them unconditionally, even when they spill red Kool-aid on your white carpet. Love their friends. Open your home. Break the cycle of the past and vow to be a better parent. Attend as many of their events as you can. Love them some more.

I could go on writing forever...but my big comfy bed is calling my name!

I vow to blog more often - and post pictures soon. SHANNON! lol

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ShannonK said...

ok, ok!! I will get photos off the camera VERY SOON!!