Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My good friend Maria says it's time to update my blog and when Maria says "It's time!" she means it's time! We had a lovely girls day on Friday...a start to a perfect weekend.

What's happened in April? I need to look at my calendar so I can recall because it has been a BUSY month!
- Lots of spring cleaning
- Gallons of coffee and Gatorade
- Planting corn
- Calving (Oh how I love helping or watching a new baby come into the world!)
- Cody's band played a show in DesMoines - missing Senior Prom, but what a great excuse to miss it!
- Jaiden goes to preschool two days a week and continues her speech therapy
- Jaima had recital pictures taken and is practicing for her big day in June
- John is working lots at the landfill as people begin to spring clean and clear out their junk
- Don and Austa (John's parents) are here for a few weeks

And on a more serious note, my dear sweet Mommy had a stroke two weeks ago. But our God is the Great Physician and has healed her. She is already back to work - much to my opposition - and making a quick recovery. Please lift her and Daddy up in your prayers. Daddy is still trying to heal from shoulder surgery. Probably because he can't sit still!

As I write, Jaiden is sitting at her desk, too - drinking coffee just like Mommy. I carry on a coffee drinking tradition (addiction?) that started with my grandparents. Coffee with sugar and more milk than coffee and a special little cup.

I will post pictures soon. I need to get to Walgreens and print some more for Cody's scrapbook - one month to graduation!

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