Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, February 8, 2010

I have lost count of how many snow days the kids have had! I made this cake for them this morning - school started at 8:30 and they were dismissed at 10:30 - I told Cody he could skip, but he went anyways and was back home a little after 11 - I laughed because he could have slept in. I don't think there will be school tomorrow - we have gotten a lot of snow!

John has pneumonia - he went into a grain bin without a mask - inhaled mold and dust and who knows what - so I took him to the doctor on Friday - he is on antibiotics and is doing albuterol breathing treatments - he seems to be breathing much easier today.

Jaiden's speech is doing great! She has added a few words that she can actually say! "Good! I did it! Blub, blub! (fish)" and a few others that I can't remember right now - but we are making progress. I have turned the big table into a school table for her. We read books, do activities, work on speech. She loves to color and cut out shapes. She also has a dry erase board hanging on the wall to write on - and a sticker chart. Every time she says a word out loud she gets a sticker -

Jaima is doing great in school - she comes home so happy and full of stories to tell. They are working on basic geometry in math and she seems to be enjoying that - she disappeared for an hour or so this afternoon and then came and told me she had a surprise for me - she had cleaned her room! Some stuff got shoved under the bed but I am NOT complaining!

I passed my first semester of INSTE theology course! A- A lot of studying - and more to come when second semester starts -

Cody's band "Graduating Summer" has made it to the finals of the Battle of the Bands sponsored by JEL (Just Eliminate Lies). They will head to Des Moines in April to win a chance at a recording contract! He is giving up prom to go - sigh - I wanted to see him in a tux. But this night will be the best! They also will be playing at the Bremer County Fair this summer. Two of his friends will be moving in the basement "house" with him after graduation - looks like we will have all of the bedrooms full - the boys promise to clean the basement up - so I am looking forward to that. They all plan on going to community college for their general education and then will move on to university somewhere. Both of his friends are like sons to me - I practically have raised Lance - lol.

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