Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No, I did not forget that I have a blog - well, almost! What a GREAT summer!

We are on "vacation" this week - Fair week! Cody shows his calves tomorrow morning - and hopefully in the Parade of Champions tomorrow night! He works so hard for this one week- I am a proud mama.

Jaiden has kept me very busy - her curiosity keeps me on my toes - I never know what she will discover next. She loves to play outside, ride her bike,walk to see the cows and RUN RUN RUN!

Right now, she is sleeping on my lap - she had her immunizations today and is a tired and sore little girl.

Jaima got a new bike today - she got on it and took off - no training wheels needed! I think I was more excited than she was. We went out back and rode on the new concrete by the cattle buildings. I will have to buy a bike, too - because I took off on hers- and it was so much fun!

School starts in three weeks and I must say I am totally ready to get back into a routine - we have kept bed times thank goodness - but I really love school mornings - when the kids get on the bus and I get some ME time -
I might be taking off in a week or tow for a weekend alone - I am ready to wean JaidenIlo - and I think she is ready, too- she hardly nursed at all today - it's just at night that I can't get a break!

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