Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working Girl...

Today I worked at the Sale Barn - and I had a great time! I missed my girls, but it was nice to have adult conversation all day! I will work next Monday and Tuesday - fill in when needed and also work during the Horse Sale. Guess I better find some babysitters!

This week I am also babysitting Hayden - but I left all the kids home with John today and he survived! He even did some laundry and the dishes. I was impressed. His brother came and checked on him and so did Hayden's grandpa.

Jaiden will probably get her stitches out tomorrow - it is healing rather nicely. Just a little bruise left.

Cody is at camp for the week. I am missing hearing him play guitar at night. But he needed a break from us. The fair is in two weeks. He has worked hard all summer and deserves a vacation. Speaking of vacations - the Fair is the only one I get - I won't have to cook all week. No housework, no laundry - just 4 or 5 days of hanging out at the Fair with friends. I can't wait! I have to laugh because I haven't left Bremer or Black Hawk County in over a year! Me, the girl who wanted to travel the world - am content to be a farmer's wife.

The new couch finally came today,but no ottoman. I finally feel like I have turned the house into my own. Can't wait to stretch out on the couch and veg tomorrow...

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