Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 31, 2008

Poor baby Jaiden

Sweet Jaiden Ilo has to go to the doctor this afternoon - she has a bad cold and is having trouble breathing. So, we will go and get that checked out - I wanted to go and visit Julie and Ian and meet her in-laws today, but that will have to wait.

We are getting lots of rain - and that means a little water in the basement. Today was my weekly coffee date with Gail and she helped me carry Cody's guitar amp upstairs - we were both out of breath! I am glad she was here to help. Maybe if we didn't eat so many donuts Monday mornings it would have been easier on us! I have been wanting Cody to move his room upstairs for awhile - and maybe this time he will want to. I am thankful that I caught it in time to get the pump working again - and contained the water to one room.

The rain is cleaning up the muddy snow and the willow tree is turning my favorite shade of green - new life! The robins have returned and pretty soon asparagus will be growing - spring is here - even though there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

My baby will turn 16 on Wednesday - seems like it was only yesterday I brought him home from the hospital - I didn't know anything about being a mom. I had never even held a newborn - I cried when I had to change his diaper and had to call my mom in the room to show me how - look at me now! A little older and a lot wiser...

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